Saturn has many moons (34!) of which one: TITAN has a thick cloud cover of specifically nitrogen and a little bit of methane. A very interesting and rare moon. Therefore it was decided to send a probe. A probe is a small, light and good manageable craft with little apparatus which makes it easier to let it down to the surface of a moon or planet, in contradiction to normal, large spacecrafts which have all things on board to perform the most diverse measurements, therefore often as large as a single-family dwelling. In 1997 the Huygensprobe has been launched as part of the spacecraft Cassini intended to investigate Titan. In spite of its speed:~ 40.000km/h it took seven years to arrive in January 2005, then the probe was disconnected and landed on Titan, that took 2.5 hours. The situation on Titan is comparable with the situation on earth before the evolution process started and radically changed the atmosphere. It is expected that the observations and analyses by this probe will learn us how the process on earth took place.
This picture gives an impression of the surface of the moon.



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